SSOGE & CRUADALACH & DELORAINE, Prague, 20.10.2017



ATTACK THE SUMMER vol. III is being organized to support victims of COLECTIV fire.



After the benefit gig BACK TO LIFE, we are preparing ourselves for a spring load of gigs! It starts for us in the last March weekend and you can meet us at the gig in almost each weekend in April. We will also visit four new cities, where we never have played before, two in Germany and two in our homeland. Chceck our list of gigs and choose the most proper one for meeting us!

ŽIŽKOV NIGHT, Prague, Nová Chmelnice, 24.3.2017
METAL UP YOUR LIFE III, Darmstadt, Sportsareal, 25.3.2017
KINGS OF CORE vol. 11, Mainz, Caveau, 26.3.2017
SPARK FRESH BLOOD, České Budějovice, Velbloud, 7.4.2017
CROSSOVER SICKFEST vol. 14, Jablonec, Klub Woko, 15.4.2017
BELTINEFEST BOHEMIA, Praha, Fatal, 20.4.2017
BELTINEFEST SILESIA, Ostrava, Barrak, 21.4.2017
BELTINEFEST MORAVIA, Brno, Melodka, 22.4.2017
VOICES OF METAL HEARTS, Olomouc, U-Klub, 29.4.2017

Enjoy your spring as much as we will, and ideally with us! :)

WINTER GIGS (13.11.2016)

On December 17, we will go to play at TÝNFEST in Týn nad Vltavou where we will support German icon of metal scene HOLY MOSES.

On February 24, we are organizing our benefit gig BACK TO LIFE tu support injured ones from the tragedy in Colectiv, side by side with 1ST CHOICE, ATTACK THE HERO a YOUR LAST BREATH, who decided to support Romanian metal scene together with us. The bands will also play some songs of GOODBYE TO GRAVITY.

In memoriam of the tragedy, also a tribute compilation of covers was released on October 30 to honour the band, whose release party it was and who paid the highest prices, together with their friends and family. It calls BACK TO LIFE - A TRIBUTE TO GOODBYE TO GRAVITY. You can get this cd in our merchandise. You will find there covers made mainly by Romanian bands, but also by some foreign ones, including ANNA MURPHY (ex ELUVEITIE) or musicians from bands TRISTANIA or MY DYING BRIDE. Our cover opens the cd.

See you at our gigs!

TÝNFEST, Týn nad Vltavou, 17.12.2016
BACK TO LIFE, Praha, Vagón, 24.2.2017

NEW ERA (22.10.2016)

At our farewell party we said goodbye to our frontman Jan, guitarist Tom and drummer Datel. From now onward, we will play and create in new line-up - with the vocalist Petr Caisl, (Fake It, ex Attack the Hero,), guitarist Halfred (Misfolded, Five Leaf Clover) and drummer Tom Kasprzyk (RAW, Noxist). With them we will already play the two remaining gigs in 2016 - SPARK FRESH ROCK FINAL in Brno and TÝNFEST in Týn nad Vltavou, where we will support HOLY MOSES (De).

For 2017 we are already planning many gigs. The earliest from them will be our benefit gig BACK TO LIFE which will take place on 24. february in Prague. Proceeds from this gig will go for support of injured victims of COLECTIV NIGHTCLUB FIRE. We also participate by one cover song on the benefit compilation of songs of GOODBYE TO GRAVITY - band which had their release party that night in Colectiv and whose most members died there, together with other 60 people, their fans. This CD will be out one year after the tragedy, by Universal Romania. It will be also distributed in Czech Republic by our label METALGATE (of course you can order it in their e-shop also from abroad) and sold at our gigs as part of our merchandise. Mainly Romanian bands participated on this project, but there are also some abroad acts, such as Anna Murphy (ex-Eluveitie), or us.

Thank you for your lasting support! We are going to do amazing things and invite you to be part of it.

FINÁLE SPARK FRESH BLOOD, Brno, Mersey, 11.11.2016
TÝNFEST, Týn nad Vltavou, 17.12.2016


After seven years some changes are going to happen in line-up of Cruadalach. Our frontman Jan and guitarist Tomáš are going to hell. :) We let them go and will have last big party with them both! Expect a very special playlist! We will play also the oldest pieces, anything you wish ...almost :) Maybe we will struggle with it, but the more funny it will be! We want to have the last mighty show with all of you who have supported us the entire time since 2008, and then to simply say goodbye to our friends and continue with new members who will live for the band. And we are having such ones already!

This is the farewell party with the traditional line-up, after it new era of Cruadalach with new energy will come. So take the last chance to celebrate and dance with us the way you know so well!

But! Our Polish friends can already enjoy the new frontman instead of Radalf one week before the farewell party, as we will support Percival Schuttenbach at two stops of their tour (they have just released a new CD) - in Zabrze and Wrocław!

Strzyga Black After Small River Tour, Zabrze, 14.10.2016
Strzyga-Black After Small River Tour, Wrocław, 15.10.2016

It´s time to... say goodbye!


Meet us on Sunday, 4th of September, at the benefit gig for a small girl with the rett syndrome - SUNDAY MUSIC JAM in Prague, Kemp Žižkov, together with 1st Choice, Vladivojsko, TH!S and Flattus. On Saturday 10th of September, we will play at the festivalVYOSENÍ "dedicated" to local Czech organization "protecting" rights of authors of music (OSA).

VYOSENÍ vol.2, PŘÍBRAM, 10.9.2016



In summer you can meet us at FESTIVAL of RADEK JAROŠ, who is the most famous Czech mountain climber. On 6. August, we will play in Prague, Modra Opice, at the open-air ATTACK THE SUMMER vol.II, which is being organized by our friends from ATTACK THE HERO. So see you!

FESTIVAL OF RADEK JAROŠ vol. XIII, Křižánky, 25.6.2016
ATTACK THE SUMMER vol.II, Prague, 8.6.2016

GIGS IN MAY (5.5.2016)

The closest gigs, where you can see us, are HELL HAMMER FESTs, which will take place in Prague, club Futurum, on Thursday 26. May, and in Brno, club Melodka, on Friday 27. May. On Saturday 28.5., you can enjoy us at Open Air ROCKOUPÁNÍ in Polička. So see you! :)

HELL HAMMER FEST, Praha, 26.5.2016
HELL HAMMER FEST, Brno, 27.5.2016
ROCKOUPÁNÍ, Polička, 28.5.2016


This year we are expecting some minor changes, so you maybe will not meet us on stages as frequently as in previous years. Above all, we are going to say goodbye with our singer and frontman Jan, so we highly recommend you to use each opportunity to catch him on our shows and enjoy his vulcanic eruptive temperament! We will tell you more about our next future as soon as we alone will know more. But now - carpe diem!

The closest gig, where you can see us, is a benefit event for imprisoned Iranian metalheads called METAL 4 IRAN, which will take place on Tuesday 12. April in Prague, Modrá Opice. On Thursday 26.5., we meet each other on HELL HAMMER FEST, again in Prague, this time in club Futurum. Friday 27.5. - the same festival, another city - Brno, club Melodka. On Saturday 28.5., you can enjoy us at Open Air ROCKOUPÁNÍ in Polička. So see you! :)

METAL 4 IRAN, Praha, 12.4.2016
HELL HAMMER FEST, Praha, 26.5.2016
HELL HAMMER FEST, Brno, 27.5.2016
ROCKOUPÁNÍ, Polička, 28.5.2016


To close somehow nicely this year, we decided to add two Christmas gigs!On Monday 21.12., we will play at our CHRISTMAS BENEFIT CONCERT to support asylum house for pregnant women and mothers with children in Kladno. Feel free to come to listen to our music and support this good thing!. This time we will play side by side with Attack The Hero.
Then on Saturday 26.12. we will play in Berlin at FUCKING CHRISTMAS Party. You can´t absent there! ;)

See you everywhere! Have a nice Christmas holidays and the possibly best start into the New Year!

AUTUMN BLAST III (25.10.2015)

On Friday and Saturday, 30.-31. October, we will play in Switzerland side by side with Abinchova (Ch), Knaat (De) and Interregnum (At)! On Friday the gig will take place in Gerlafingen as WAYFARER TOUR, on Saturday then in Horw as METAL HALLOWEEN PARTY, where also Nothgard (De) will play with us! Then on Saturday 6. November, we will finish our autumn touring in Brno at METALGATE SEASON ENCLOSURE, side by side with Secret Of Darkness, Return To Innocence and, again, Nothgard (De). Looking forward to having great party with all of you!

AUTUMN BLAST II (9.10.2015)

See you on Saturday 10. Oct., in Ostrava - club Barrak, FOLK METAL PILGRIMS, which seems to be really perfect event, on Saturday 24. Oct in Prague at FRIENDSHIP WITHOUT BORDERS, where we will host our Mongolian folkmetal friends NINE TREASURES, and on Saturday 6. November in Brno at METALGATE SEASON ENCLOSURE.

AUTUMN BLAST (31.8.2015)

In the closest time you can meet you at a Prague gig called LOVING ALL COLOURS where we will play on Friday 25. Sept. with the young band Noxist, and 2 weeks later, on Saturday 12. Oct., in Ostrava - club Barrak, FOLK METAL PILGRIMS, which seems to be really perfect event! Next gigs we going to announce later.


We say bye to the summer at this cool event in Tišnov near Brno! See you there!


Our tour to support our CD Rebel Against Me goes on also in summer! On Friday 24.7. we will play at KOVADLINA CZECH FEST in Olomouc, Czech Republic. At the beginning of August we will play 2 gigs in Bavaria - Passau and Munich - together with Abinchova, Knaat and Interregnum, the Beltinefest 2015´s bands. Moreover, the great Slovenian band Brezno will join the gig in Munich! In the middle of August the beltinefest´s bands will play in Wien and Graz, Austria, at "Folk Metal Jacket" gigs. Catch us somewhere and enjoy party with us!



We are continuing our tour to support our new CD Rebel Against Me! On Saturday 23rd of May we will play at Reggae festival Eichkult in Dorsheim, Germany. On Friday 12.6., we are opening this second day of Metalgate Czech Death Fest, headlined by Morgoth or Graveworm! Come and enjoy with us first festival shindigs of this season!


Soon we are going to play a series of gig to support our new CD Rebel Against Me! On Saturday 18th of April, gig in Wroclaw is awaiting us. Two weeks later we are going for first two gigs of WAYFARER TOUR, which we are attending together with KNAAT (De), ABINCHOVA (Ch) and INTERREGNUM (At)! They will take place as our traditional BELTINEFEST on Friday 1. of May and on Saturday 2. of May in Prague and Brno. On 23rd of May we will then have a gig in Dorhsheim in Germany, close to the borders with Louxembourg. Looking forward to meeting you on any of these our stops!

NEW VIDEO CLIP IS OUT! (21.1.2015)

Finally we see our video clip out! This clip is made to the song "Life-worshipping Bastards" from our brand new cd Rebel Against Me, which we have released on January 17th! Enjoy it and don´t hesitate to leave your comments!


17.1. we had the release party, which means that you can already get our "Rebel Against Me" CD or t-shirts. In case of interest, just check our MERCHANDISE. And expect our brand new videoclip "Life-Worshipping Bastards" in two days!

We also would like to invite you to our closest GIGS! On Friday, February 20, we will play in Czech city Plzeň, side by side with our friends Llyr, Self Hatred and Stíny Plamenů. ;) On the Saturday (Feb. 21) evening, you can catch us at FROSTFEUERNÄCHTE, which we will co-headline! So CU there! :-)

17.1.2015 - REBEL RELEASE PARTY!! (17.12.2014)

On Saturday 17th of January, we will baptize our new CD and have a great party! We will play some our songs in accoustic version, show you our new videoclip "Life-Worshiping Bastards" as the first ones, listen to the CD with you and talk and talk and talk..... Come and celebrate with us!


For all our fans! We decided to record the song you love so much during our "Rebel Against Me" recording sessions! After that, we have made video as a special thanks to all of you! In the video description you also can find link to download of the song. Enjoy it!
We are looking forward to meeting you on the 17th of January in JammClub, Prague!


Enjoy listening to the first released single of our new CD "Rebel Against Me"!
We are looking forward to meeting you on the 17th of January in JammClub, Prague!


JOIN THE REBELLION! Check the frontcover of forthcoming album "Rebel Against Me" by Martin Rytych. Out in January 2015 under MetalGate Records.


Revolt without a Name / Shiva World Dance Party / Stuff that Matters / Earth Café / Rebel Against Me / Wolves at the Gates / Life-Worshipping Bastards / Satyros / Karma to Burn / The Astralnaut / Ziemie Niczyje



On Sunday, November 2nd, 2014, the usual crime scene, that is the rockin’ pub Hells Bells in Prague, hosted a meeting between the representatives of METALGATE RECORDS and the TRIBE CRUADALACH, the purpose of which was the signing of the release deal for the next studio album of this gang which will bear the title “Rebel Against Me”!

Look forward to an energetic, permeated by melodies and lyrics-wise a very distinctive piece, through which, like a thin red line, runs a strong ethical undertone of Heidegger’s Entschlossenheit, that is, resoluteness. Get ready, the year of the Rebel begins in January 2015!

Release party will take place on January 17th in Jamm Club, Prague. Wanna come? Follow our news and fb profile to get updated about the event.


We have some great news for you! We are going to release our CD "Rebel against me", which we could record thanks to your crowdfunding support, as soon as in January 2015! Before we will celebrate this with you, we can meet each other on our traditional autumn gigs called Samhainfest! This time together with ELANOR (Hu), AN THEOS (Ro) and WOLFARIAN! So see you there at our big party!

(by clicking on the flyers you open fb events of the gigs)


Don´t miss our autumn gigs! On the last Friday in September we support the Prague stop of tour of two amazing Russian bands, folkloric GRAI and true pagan SATANAKOZEL! In the beginning of October, we will visit our Carpathian friends AN THEOS in their homeland Romania, where we will play three gigs with them - in Oradea, Bucharest and Brasov. And at the turn of October/November AN THEOS will visit us and play with us in Prague and Brno, together with epic Hungarian band ELANOR and young romantic WOLFARIAN. Come to destroy clubs with us!

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Joining stage with ENSIFERUM, DALRIADA, SKYFORGER, HAGGARD, THERION, DARK MOOR, MANEGARM, THY WORSHIPER, CRUACHAN, ANCIENT BARDS, HEIDEFOLK, PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH, and many other great bands, in Czech Republic, Poland and Germany! Check the flyers and click on them to get on the FB Events! See you on the road!


Summer with Cruadalach - joining stage with VADER, ENSIFERUM, DALRIADA, SKYFORGER, HAGGARD, THERION, DARK MOOR, MANEGARM, THY WORSHIPER, CRUACHAN, ANCIENT BARDS, HEIDEFOLK, PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH, BLAZE BAYLEY and many other great bands, in Czech Republic, Poland and Germany! Check the flyers and click on them to get on the FB Events!


All these gigs will take place in Czech Republic. To open fb events, klick on the flyers bellow.


On Saturday, 22. of March, we headline Winter Dragon Fest in Žilina, Slovakia!